Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Website Analysis - EG5 - Charlie Puth

Possible Influences 
- When you click on the name it brings you back to homepage 
- Use of Instagram photos - creates a behind the scenes for fans

- Needs a banner 
- Has the top links at the bottom 
- Six links and an email 
- There are photos in 'Gallery' and Photos and Videos could be all in one page. 
- When you click on the name of the artist it takes you back to the home page
- The photos are quite random but give the audience a side of the artist that fans get to see.
- The photos are a good layout as it shows a few and then you can click 'more' which shows more photos and when you hover over the photos there is text and social media links. 
- There is a lack of branding, and its got a white background and not much colour

- Lets the fans feel they are closer to the artist if they can send him emails. Again his social media links are visible. 

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