Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Website Analysis - EG6 - Shawn Mendes

Possible Influences 
- Splash page 
- Interesting shop page 
- easy to find and navigate around 

                                                         Shawn Mendes 

- Different variation of a splash page 
- Immediate marketing for the newest release 
- Has the different means of buying his music at the top - which look like top links
-  At the very top of the page it has the social media links and the merchandise store. 
- This is the pop up that appears as soon as you go on the website which suggests that there is a lot of marketing for his music
- The website has only the tour dates and then at the very bottom it has a banner with his social media links.
- The colour for the website is simple, with blue, black and white. There is one photo which is from his album. 
- For the merchandise store it is a separate link. 
- The branding for the artist is better and the store looks simple with top links and a search bar. There is also a sign up and a link to his US shop

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