Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Website Analysis - EG7 - Bullet For My Valentine

Possible Influences 
- Interesting use of layout with the music ready when scrolling down 
- Tour dates from 'SongKick' 

- Has top links with Home, Live, Merch and Music/Video. There is also social media links and a newsletter that fans can sign up to. 
- There is a sliding banner which shows the name of the band - branding and also the music video which is the newest. 
- Site is basic, and simplistic with no personalisation
- The use of white is boring and the font does not stand out as much. This is similar to the YouMeAtSix website with the tour dates. 

- This is the music page which has several album covers and where you can 'get' them. 
- The use of black on the page suggests rock and also black and red are a colour that most people would associate with BFMV

- This is a banner that comes down when you click on the three lines at the right hand corner of the top page. This is not used as much in more pop artists

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