Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Website Analysis - EG8 - ACDC

Possible Influences 
- Pictures of Fans on the website 
- Huge fan base is visible 
- Layout is easy to use 


- Reinforcing the marketing and giving them money 
- They're a huge band and has a lot of different language options for some of their links. 
- Contacts are at the bottom of the page 
- There are top links with 'The Band' and 'Fan Mail' which is different.
- Strong graphical content 
- Strong sense of branding of the band and their logo
- This is their latest music which is easy to access 
- Has a photos which you can press and read articles about their music. 
- This is their tour page which they currently have no dates for but they would probably usually have lots of places to go to. 

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