Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Male & Female DJ - Applied Theory

I made the male DJ look convincing as I used the Auditorium in my school which has a sound control room with controls that are similar to what DJ's use in producing their own music. When filming the DJ, the costume I picked out for the DJ was a black t-shirt with jeans and wearing headphones and a tattoo sleeve. 

Here are some screenshots from the footage:

When choosing the DJ's I decided to have both a Male and a Female DJ as I wanted to convey a sense of equality. I can use the theory of Levi-Strauss who created the binary opposition theory. This theory is about how certain concepts and ideas can create conflict when put together. For example in my Music Video I have two DJ's of different gender which would fit in the category 'Male v Female'. I can also use Gramsci's theory of Hegemony and how an audience is more likely to find a male DJ to be stereotypical and a female DJ unconventional
Female DJ 
For her costume I wanted her to wear a hoodie and a bandanna to create a unique look. I also got her to play the Keyboard which most DJ's use to produce their music.  

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