Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Rough Cut 1

This is the feedback I got from today's lesson: 
- Greenscreen for the singer 
- Cut - reverse clip and cross fade at 8 seconds 
- Fast paced editing - shorter takes at the beginning
- Layering 
- Stacking up the clip - clinch the clip and use colour correction 
- Flash or flare for parts of the video
- Make the beginning manic and dynamic 
- long take of the singer could be cut 
- couple on bridge could be put into slow motion 
- 'Where Are U Now' - cut and add effect - visualize the words of the song 
- Track - the track is more sad and need the singer to be looking sad 
- Cut - crop clip at 1 minute in and maybe add in slow motion 
- Instrumental music - different shots 
- Cross-cut between clips 
- Layer/crop singer or add jump cut 
- High pitched notes for the keyboard 
- cut away/slow motion from the smoke bomb
- layer to narrative - 2:10 minutes
- Music is downbeat - more sad 
- Long take of couple - needs stabilizer 
- Track - stronger push - editing need to be dynamic 
- Jump cuts or adding in shadow trail 
- More effects on performance 
- Bounce between colour correction 
- Bass beat - cutting 
- Framing could be tighter 
- Skateboard - add more shots 
- More vibrant 
- Cut between the DJ and Singer at 3:11
- Ending is good with the panning upwards and the fade out. 

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