Thursday, 8 December 2016

Social Media - Post Update 1 - December

Here is an update on my social media accounts for both Justin Bieber and JackU. I have made accounts on Facebook, Twitter and for Justin Bieber Instagram as well. 

As you can see I have posted about my sample scenes which gives the audience a teaser on what they will be able to watch when the official music video come out. I also added a post asking 'fans' to follow the singer Justin Bieber. 

As for the JackU Twitter I have posted about the website to attract the audience to visit it and check out the merchandise. I have also posted about the Lyric Video in which the fans will be apart of. This further attracts the audience as they would feel as if they are personally connecting with the artists. And lastly another short post about the lyric video where they need to send in photos of themselves, I have added on the hashtags so that there would be a collection of photos.
For the Instagram I had posted a photo of my singer from behind to create some mystery for the audience and to show a bit of the scenery.

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