Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Green Screen Filming

Media Trip to a Green Screen Studio 

On this trip there were two studios for us to work in and I was able to film some footage of the DJ mixing and the singer performing and lip-syncing. Below are some behind the scenes photos I took of my music video. 

The singer performed and lip-synced, I tried to get as many different angles and shots of the singer from the side and tilting upwards and mid to close up shots. 

The DJ had a mixing/sound controller and his mac laptop and headphones to give that DJ vibe. I used shots like mid shots and long shots, I also used close ups and even a POV shot. I also tried to get some extreme close ups of the DJ's controls. 

Social Media - Post Updates - January

Here is all the posts I made during the month of January which were about the singer performing and the website starting. I also post about merchandise and even more sample scenes for the audience. 

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Audience Feedback

I have gotten audience feedback on my music video and a lot of it was very useful advice and things that are good and things that could be improved. I got audience feedback from my classmates who are 17 to 19 years old and than I got feedback from Year 10 who are aged between 14 to 15 years old. I asked the different groups to comment on the video overall and whether it looked convincing or not. I also got them to comment on the effects and the narrative between the girl and boy. 

Comments made 
- contradictions on whether it looked like a student project and something more professional
- lots of positive feedback on the effects used 
- The acting from the singer was very convincing 
- Target audience was a mixture of young adults and teenagers
- There was no dominate sex for the video it overall appeals to both females and males. 
- The video looked good - it synced with the music
- Clapping bit needs to be put in sync as it was slight off

Comments made 
- Target audience would be teenagers as the couple in the video looked young 
- The part with the lips of the singer goes on for a bit long - shorten or cut between other clips
- Maybe add colour correction on the lips to give it some interest 
- Singer's pefromance was really convincing and looked the role with the costume 
- Narrative could've been more interesting - having a break up between the singer and the girl
- Narrative looked like an average day out - not a story 

Thursday, 26 January 2017


In my VODCAST I talk about the different layouts and the conventions of digipaks. I also show some examples of digipaks that I have from home. The information used is taken from my post on DigiPak Research. 

DigiPak Research

Digipak Conventions 

Front Panel 
- Text on the front with the name of the artist and the album name 
- Sometimes has no name just an image or just the name of the album
- Image of someone or something 
- Abstract pattern sometimes edited for the background 
- Sometimes has a 'special edition' sticker 
- Sometimes has a warning for explicit language

Back Panel 
- Track list with a numbered system 
- Record company logos 
- Copyright text in small font 
- Barcode 
- Logos of the CD companies
- Image on the back can correspond with the front panel or be a different image 
- Sometimes has a website address in very small font 
- Sometimes has a QR code to scan 

- Barcode shown 
- Name of artist and album or one of the two 
- Company logo 
- Serial number on the spine 

Inner Panel 
- Image can be across both inner panels or two different images 
- Lyric Booklet has a variety of images of the artist 
- Or has abstract art in the backgrounds 
- Also has a copyright message on the front/inner or back pages

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Green screen Shoot

I will be shooting some scenes of my singer and DJ together both performing in front of a green screen studio. The use of green screen could be useful as I could put a concert look on the green screen for the DJ. Whereas for the performer I would use the green screen so I can layer over the couple or put something in the background. 

Call Sheet 

Singer and DJ

- Film singer sitting on a chair or box while looking sad 
- Film singer lip-syncing - second verse of song 
- Film singer with DJ jumping about 
- Film DJ pretending to mix and move controllers or play the keyboard

Camera Movement/Angles 

- Low Angle shot on singer sitting on box
- Mid shot of singer 
- Long shot 
- Tilting upwards shot 
- Panning/tracking shot of singer - maybe use GoPro?
- Rats eye view shot 
- Long shot of DJ mixing 
- Angled shot of DJ from the side view 
- Tilt or low angled shot 
- High angled shot of DJ performing 


- Box/chair 
- Keyboard + stand/ Sound controller 
- Microphone stand + microphone or just microphone
- Table for DJ equipment
- Crowd of people acting as 'fans' 

This is a picture of the sound control device I will be using for the DJ along with my laptop and some headphones. 

My Own DigiPak #2

Appeals to audience 
- bright colours that suggest an upbeat track 
- graffiti in the layered singer and DJ give a urban/street style 
- company labels and other relevant stickers on the digipak

For my digipak I have used double exposure for each section as I really like the way it looks and it stands out. I also have the conventional 'labels' and record company on the digipak too. I still need to complete the inside covers and maybe add some more text on the back cover. 

Below is another edit of my digipak by saturating the colour on the female DJ and than having added more text for the copyright and the inner cover. 

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Website Feedback

- Black around text doesn't look good 
- banner - put a banner at the top linking to social media 
- make a edited filter changing the hue colour so that the text doesn't need black 
- shop format - previews and music 
- upcoming shows should be at the top 
- Shop - change to 'merch' 
- White text on pale yelkow background - change the background 
- Add on different T-shirt sizes for both men and women
- Autographed Edition of the Digipak 
- Videos - make thumbnails or add on headings for people to see 

This is what I have tried to improve but will still be improving on during this week. 

I might be using this image for the background of the Merch page as it stands out and looks interesting. 

Saturday, 21 January 2017


Here in this Podcast, I talk about what I have blogged on and what I'll be doing next. This is a quick update on my journey to creating y own music video. 

Friday, 20 January 2017

Final Production Schedule #2

For the narrative I will be adding in some scenes of the singer on the phone and also the girl on her phone. At the start I will edit in a shot of the girl from over-the-shoulder shot of her 'rejecting' a phone call from the singer. 
I will also have a shot of the singer scrolling through the girl's social media account and stopping on a picture of the girl and her new boyfriend, using a side angle or a shot of his hand and the phone. This should be able to anchor the link between the singer and the girl. 

Filming - Monday 23rd January 

This is the Instagram of my 'singer' who will be using his phone to go through his account and than looks at his 'ex-girlfriends' account. 

On the girl's account she has a photo of her and her boyfriend which is the 'new' boyfriend which my singer will be looking at to convey that he is wondering 'where is she now'. 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Rough Cut 4

Appeals to audience 
- colour bombs 
- lip syncing 
- more cuts - fast paced editing 

This is my Rough Cut 4 which has the improvements from the Rough Cut 3. 

Many of the improvements I made were the cutting up the clips into shorter takes and trying to convey the fast-paced editing style using in EDM Music Videos. I also used more effects on the DJ's and the singer. 

Feedback on my Rough Cut 3



- Filter 'Film Noir' on first shot can put into a fade to the filter 50's TV
- The panning of the graffiti location can be sped up 
- Cross fade the panning 
- For the 3 beats at the start of the song, there should be a cut to a different shot
- Jump cut the couple in the park 
- Beginning part with the lip-syncing could have the full 'flash' effect 
- Stabilize the couple walking over the bridge or don't use the clip 
- Couple in the park clips aren't good
- Narrative is very poor 
- Cut between takes 
- Cut between the performer and the DJ's 
- Use close-ups of female DJ between singer clips 
- Shorter takes - cut away quicker 
- Break up the performance 
- Singer when running around with arms in the air could either have an effect or jump more or even using slow motion effect 
- Crop or transfer the singer 
- Long takes - should be less then 4 seconds 
- DJ male add layering or effects 
- Reverse effect on the dancing 
- Loop - sped up 
- Narrative footage does not reflect the music
- Could maybe green screen the couple onto the singer 
- Vocal echo at 2.20 could add effect or layer 
- Reflect the track at 2.23 making it more effective 
- Timing at 2.39 is slightly off 
- Go Pro shot of the singer holding the GoPro is not needed
- Layering on the singer at 3.15 
- Cut between the shots of the singer 
- DJ section could be broken up 
- Camera jolt cut out 
- Fade the ending earlier 
- Cut the track down 

Good Points 

- Flash effect on the hands of the singer at the start is a good effect but keep it continuous 
- Lip -syincing effect is really good, conveys the music 
- DJ Male - effects are good but keep them throughout the video 
- Liking the reverse effect but use it more on the singer dancing 
- Smoke bomb scene with the build up is good but make it more emphasized with the music
- Outtakes of the singer are good shows that he is interacting with the audience 
- Ending with the camera going to an upwards tilt is a conventional ending for any music video which is good. 

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


In this Podcast I talk about what I have done and what I still need to do. 
- Filmed couple 
- Blogged on Mock Exam 
- Rough Cut 3 edited 
- Need to finish DigiPak 
- Need to keep updating Social Media and Website 
- Get another rough cut or final cut

DigiPak Experimentation 3

Appeals to audience 
- bright colours usually convey the EDM genre - attracts the audience's attention 
- black or white is used a main colour for the foreground 
- conventional digipak will get the audience to buy the album if it looks 'convincing'

The concept for my Digipak is to have on the front panel and back panel photos of the singer from the front and from the back. And then on the inside panels have photos of both of the DJ's. I wanted the singer on the front because that will attract a wider audience.

Here I tried to experiment with the double exposure effect. I wanted to create a graphic design within a photograph of my singer.

This is the front cover design of my digipak, this idea is my favorite because it has a very DJ look to it. Especially since many of Skrillex's CD's have a graphic design of bright colors. I used the double exposure effect on this and kept the background white because I wanted the design and title to stand out more to my target audience.

This is a screenshot of the front cover (on the right) and the back panel (on the left). I quite like the look but I would improve on trying to make the name bolder as it blends slightly too much with the graffiti photo.

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Rough Cut 3

Appeals to audience 
- use of the flash effect goes well with the EDM genre 
- fast paced music - fast paced editing 
- dancing - dance routine and singer 

This Rough cut has the added clips of couple in a house to add some more narrative to the video. I have also tried to add more effects to give the video a fast paced feel as that is a strong convention of the EDM genre. This Rough Cut is practically a Final Cut but there are a few some things that I might want to improve on. 

Friday, 6 January 2017

Reflections on Genre Theory

I will be discussing my A2 production using genre theories from five different theorists'.  

Daniel Chandler 
- Chandler's definition of a genre is creating a systematic list to reduce the amount of available information. He also says that genre is an organisation method to categorise types of music. 
- Chandler also says that conventional definitions of genre are based on the idea that they constitute specific conventions of content. For example themes, settings, styles and/or structures. 
- Without genre it would be hard to find any music that people like as there are so many different styles of music and also applies to films. 

For my A2 production, I chose the sub-genre of dance/electronic music, EDM, which stands for Electronic Dance Music. The genre Dance Music has become evolved over the years and today is mostly known as electronic music of electronic dance music. Thus creating a sub-genre of music. [Source] [Source]

Andrew Goodwin 
Goodwin believes that genre helps to deconstruct music videos into a form in which directors can use as a bases of making a music video.
- He believes that there are distinct conventions for each genre of music. 
- He has made five rules which are built to make up a music video. [My post

Rule 1 - Genre Characteristics 
An example of this would be a live performance from a rock band. [My post

A general example of this would be if it was a pop music video, the singer would e lip-syncing and maybe have a dance routine. As for my own production, I had DJ's with instruments closely used in a EDM track. 

I had my solo artist lip-syncing to the track and performing a dance routine to the music.

Rule 2 - Relationship between the lyrics and visuals or relationship between the music and visuals. 
For the relations between lyrics and visuals, that would be when the artist/band are singing and the visuals match or implies what is being said through visual aid. 

For the relations between the music and visuals, that is for example if a song is fast-paced like a dance track then the editing of the visuals might illustrate that to an audience which is what I applied to my music video. I had the singer performing a dance routine which during the editing process I sped up or made short cuts. Here is a short video I made on editing:

Rule 3 - Voyeurism/Objectification of the female body 
- Voyeurism is when there are body parts of the artist shown that are provocative.  
Objectification of the female body is when there are women in the video that wear tight clothing, revealing clothing and focusing on the female body as an object. 

An example of this would be visible in a Britney Spears music video or a Katy Perry video where they are always the focus. They wear tight clothing or very revealing outfits and thus making their body an object. 
Many of these videos are aimed at young teens, which is portraying a false image of how a female body should look like.

For my music video I had two females, one playing a DJ which did not wear anything revealing and a female as the ex-girlfriend who also did not wear anything tight or showy. 
As a female director, I did not want to apply the male gaze theory by Laura Mulvey as I agree with her argument. Her argument is that the female bodies are sexualised in music videos for a male audience. I decided to focus on the performer and the music rather than the female casts. 

As for the outfit, her hair was kept down and she wore a jacket and a top. The top only revealing the neck, the jeans were skinny jeans and turned up at the bottom to show her ankles. And some sneakers. 

Rule 4 - Intertextuality 
- Intertextuality is when there is a media text referenced within another form of media. An example of this is when a music video references a movie or another song within their music video. 

An example of this would be Jennifer Lopez's music video 'Ain't your mama', the setting is very 1950's intertextualised video with lots of costumes referencing that era. 

In my music video I intertextualised the artist Justin Bieber with the costume that my performer wore. 

As these photos show, I tried to dress my singer similar to JB. I had the long t-shirt and the coat and some jeans that are baggy and a pair of sneakers. 

I also tried to intertextualise the poses that JB does and the way he dances when performing live. I also used several dance moves from previous JB performances.  

Rule 5 - Star Image 
- Star image is when the protagonist of the music video is the center of attention and all the focus is on them. The camera shots would be mostly close ups and mid shots of the 'star'. The star is presented with their own uniqueness and quality using costumesmake up and their general appearance. This can help to further advertise the music video and the artists public reputation. 

An example of this would be Lady Gaga who has a huge fan base and in her videos she is the focus, all shots are close-ups to mid-shots. 
via GIPHY 

In my music video the star image was my performer/singer who had lots of close-ups of him lip-syncing and mid to long shots of him dancing. 

Here I used a extreme close up of my performer lip-syncing. 
The image beside it is of a close up of the singer's torso. 

 The other two images are mid shots of the singer performing. As we can see the use of these shots coney the emotions from the singer. 

Jason Mittell 
- Jason Mittell agues that genres are cultural categories, and that industries use genre to sell products to audiences. Media producers use familiar codes and conventions that often make cultural references to their audience's knowledge of society. 

This is an example from Amazon.co.uk which has a list of different genres. 

The second example on the right is from Soundcloud.com and the long list of genres on their website. 

- There are certain things an audience would buy that is conventional to the genre of music they like. 
For example if an audience liked pop music they would buy and wear bright clothing and neon related march. 
If the audience liked rock music they would buy products that are related to the colour black.  

John Fiske
- John Fiske argues that “genre attempts to structure some order into the wide range of texts and meanings that circulate in our culture for the convenience of both producers and audiences". [Source
- John Fiske argues that genres help to fill the audiences expectations. 
- For example, if there is a DJ setting with a live performance an audience would expect to have flashing lights and the performers interacting with the fans. 
In my music video, I have DJ's performing which many audience viewers would expect to see them playing their 'instrument' and dancing around. I have a singer which the audience would expect to be performing and dancing. 

David Gauntlett 
- David Gauntlett argues that an audience should be active rather than passive and with web2.0 there is more outlet for the bands/singers to interact with their fans. 
- An example of this would be Lady Gaga who's fan base is huge has a website that is dedicated to all her 'little monster' fans. 

For my music video, I created a website for my DJ's and I had a fan lyric video made which asked fans to submit photos of themselves holding signs of the lyrics to the song I chose. 
Here are pictures of my website: 

Here are the fan lyric submissions which let the fans feels closer to these artists'.