Wednesday, 11 January 2017

DigiPak Experimentation 3

Appeals to audience 
- bright colours usually convey the EDM genre - attracts the audience's attention 
- black or white is used a main colour for the foreground 
- conventional digipak will get the audience to buy the album if it looks 'convincing'

The concept for my Digipak is to have on the front panel and back panel photos of the singer from the front and from the back. And then on the inside panels have photos of both of the DJ's. I wanted the singer on the front because that will attract a wider audience.

Here I tried to experiment with the double exposure effect. I wanted to create a graphic design within a photograph of my singer.

This is the front cover design of my digipak, this idea is my favorite because it has a very DJ look to it. Especially since many of Skrillex's CD's have a graphic design of bright colors. I used the double exposure effect on this and kept the background white because I wanted the design and title to stand out more to my target audience.

This is a screenshot of the front cover (on the right) and the back panel (on the left). I quite like the look but I would improve on trying to make the name bolder as it blends slightly too much with the graffiti photo.

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