Thursday, 26 January 2017

DigiPak Research

Digipak Conventions 

Front Panel 
- Text on the front with the name of the artist and the album name 
- Sometimes has no name just an image or just the name of the album
- Image of someone or something 
- Abstract pattern sometimes edited for the background 
- Sometimes has a 'special edition' sticker 
- Sometimes has a warning for explicit language

Back Panel 
- Track list with a numbered system 
- Record company logos 
- Copyright text in small font 
- Barcode 
- Logos of the CD companies
- Image on the back can correspond with the front panel or be a different image 
- Sometimes has a website address in very small font 
- Sometimes has a QR code to scan 

- Barcode shown 
- Name of artist and album or one of the two 
- Company logo 
- Serial number on the spine 

Inner Panel 
- Image can be across both inner panels or two different images 
- Lyric Booklet has a variety of images of the artist 
- Or has abstract art in the backgrounds 
- Also has a copyright message on the front/inner or back pages

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