Saturday, 14 January 2017

Feedback on my Rough Cut 3



- Filter 'Film Noir' on first shot can put into a fade to the filter 50's TV
- The panning of the graffiti location can be sped up 
- Cross fade the panning 
- For the 3 beats at the start of the song, there should be a cut to a different shot
- Jump cut the couple in the park 
- Beginning part with the lip-syncing could have the full 'flash' effect 
- Stabilize the couple walking over the bridge or don't use the clip 
- Couple in the park clips aren't good
- Narrative is very poor 
- Cut between takes 
- Cut between the performer and the DJ's 
- Use close-ups of female DJ between singer clips 
- Shorter takes - cut away quicker 
- Break up the performance 
- Singer when running around with arms in the air could either have an effect or jump more or even using slow motion effect 
- Crop or transfer the singer 
- Long takes - should be less then 4 seconds 
- DJ male add layering or effects 
- Reverse effect on the dancing 
- Loop - sped up 
- Narrative footage does not reflect the music
- Could maybe green screen the couple onto the singer 
- Vocal echo at 2.20 could add effect or layer 
- Reflect the track at 2.23 making it more effective 
- Timing at 2.39 is slightly off 
- Go Pro shot of the singer holding the GoPro is not needed
- Layering on the singer at 3.15 
- Cut between the shots of the singer 
- DJ section could be broken up 
- Camera jolt cut out 
- Fade the ending earlier 
- Cut the track down 

Good Points 

- Flash effect on the hands of the singer at the start is a good effect but keep it continuous 
- Lip -syincing effect is really good, conveys the music 
- DJ Male - effects are good but keep them throughout the video 
- Liking the reverse effect but use it more on the singer dancing 
- Smoke bomb scene with the build up is good but make it more emphasized with the music
- Outtakes of the singer are good shows that he is interacting with the audience 
- Ending with the camera going to an upwards tilt is a conventional ending for any music video which is good. 

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