Friday, 20 January 2017

Final Production Schedule #2

For the narrative I will be adding in some scenes of the singer on the phone and also the girl on her phone. At the start I will edit in a shot of the girl from over-the-shoulder shot of her 'rejecting' a phone call from the singer. 
I will also have a shot of the singer scrolling through the girl's social media account and stopping on a picture of the girl and her new boyfriend, using a side angle or a shot of his hand and the phone. This should be able to anchor the link between the singer and the girl. 

Filming - Monday 23rd January 

This is the Instagram of my 'singer' who will be using his phone to go through his account and than looks at his 'ex-girlfriends' account. 

On the girl's account she has a photo of her and her boyfriend which is the 'new' boyfriend which my singer will be looking at to convey that he is wondering 'where is she now'. 

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