Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Green screen Shoot

I will be shooting some scenes of my singer and DJ together both performing in front of a green screen studio. The use of green screen could be useful as I could put a concert look on the green screen for the DJ. Whereas for the performer I would use the green screen so I can layer over the couple or put something in the background. 

Call Sheet 

Singer and DJ

- Film singer sitting on a chair or box while looking sad 
- Film singer lip-syncing - second verse of song 
- Film singer with DJ jumping about 
- Film DJ pretending to mix and move controllers or play the keyboard

Camera Movement/Angles 

- Low Angle shot on singer sitting on box
- Mid shot of singer 
- Long shot 
- Tilting upwards shot 
- Panning/tracking shot of singer - maybe use GoPro?
- Rats eye view shot 
- Long shot of DJ mixing 
- Angled shot of DJ from the side view 
- Tilt or low angled shot 
- High angled shot of DJ performing 


- Box/chair 
- Keyboard + stand/ Sound controller 
- Microphone stand + microphone or just microphone
- Table for DJ equipment
- Crowd of people acting as 'fans' 

This is a picture of the sound control device I will be using for the DJ along with my laptop and some headphones. 

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