Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Media Language in Rough Cut #5

Genre Characteristic's

For my music video, I chose the genre EDM. The genre characteristics for EDM music is fast-paced editing, lots of shot variety, emphasis on the drop, live performances or performing in different locations, DJ's are sometimes shown mixing. Footage of behind the scenes from touring or concerts. 

I have chosen to look in detail at the 'instrumental music' part of my music video which features the singer and the two DJ's.The first genre convention that I used is he fast-paced editing although there could be more cuts, these signify the change in music. The instrumental part starts at 1.10 till 2.03. 

Here I layered over clips of the DJ's performing to signify the music with the visuals. The shots are mostly close ups because I wanted to create verisimilitude with the performance of the DJ's. 

 Another editing technique I used was green screen which connotes the importance of the DJ in the music video. A lot of DJ's in music videos feature themselves giving a live performance or showing that they are playing. 

Another convention of EDM I used was the different editing techniques. I tried to use the 'flash' effect in Final Cut Pro. This effect was used to make emphasis in the music and the visuals. I also used the reverse effect to connote that the singer is a professional dancer. I made sure my singer looked directly into the camera when he sang so that the audience would feel a part of the video. 

I mostly used mid shots to close up shots of my singer and DJ's as they are the most important part of my video. This also anchors the emotions going through the singer to the audience. 

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