Monday, 27 February 2017

More Filming

Before the half term I got some short feedback on my latest Cut 5, I have done some further filming which could help me for the Digipak cover as well as my music video. 

- Use more smoke bombs 
- Smoke bombs could be used for the Digipak cover and back cover 
- Try and find different locations 
- Try and layer with the singer  and smoke bombs - SFX 
- When layering the smoke - let it play for longer for instrumental parts of the song. 
- Greenscreen the footage of the singer hands out and layer himeself dancing on his own hand. 
- Skateboard - get footage of the singer on skateboard from a worms eye view 
- Fade/Cut the blue smoke bomb throughout the video. 

Over the half term I was able to buy smoke bombs except that they were the smoke pellets which as I found out were much harder to light and get a good effect. They turned out to look good but a lot of it was hard to film as the smoke pellets would go out quickly. 

For the location, I scouted for a tunnel like place but since I could not find out where there might be a dark place, I decided to film in my garage which had quite dim lighting. I liked that this 'location' looked quite grungy and similar to some pop singers who set up in a garage like setting. 

Here are a music video example where they set up in a garage for performing

I had my singer/performer sit on a bucket so that I could get a better shot of the smoke surrounding the singer than if he was standing. I also tried to film with the singer inside the garage with his back against the half open garage door to let in light. At first the lighting was not very good but than I tried and closed the garage fully which let made the lighting better. I also had the singer against the wall of the garage to give another aspect on location. 

I would obviously crop or transform the clips as I don't think the things in the background are necessary. 

I was not able to film different angles as the smoke went out very fast but I did try and move the camera and walk around a bit to give a sense of movement in the smoke. I was trying to create a similar effect like in the trending internet challenge 'The Mannequin Challenge'. 

I also set up the green screen that I used to try and film the phone clip, I had my singer hold the phone out against the screen and filmed his hand scrolling through the Instagram Account of my actress. 

As you can see the lighting of the green screen does not show up because the light from the phone is what the camera is focused on. This was quite troublesome because I needed the green to show up as a bright green and not dark but I will still try and edit it and see if anything can be done with it. 

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