Sunday, 26 March 2017

Notes on Media Language

- how my singer is represented - eval Q1a
- the female gaze is also a common thing in music videos and films
- simulacra which describes how nothing in music videos are original anymore 
- web 2.0 - David Gauntlett - interaction between audience and artist 

- Representation - genre and audience
- Feminism - male gaze, focus on body parts 
- Highly sexualised women 
- Sexist - rap videos have women twerking 
- Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Rihanna - reflecting and normalising image of women. 
- Post Fem - traditional women - denoting examples of post fem and why. 
- Dress is not too tight, make up is heavy but changed throughout 
- Showing conventions of a text to an audience also trying to undermine the text. 
- Framing - Self objectification - framed a part of her body - normative representation
- Judith Butler - We learn to perform feminity/masculinity 
- Stereotyping - girls with short hair as lesbians. 
- The makers of the text are aware of the conventions and audience
- Deconstructionism - deconstructing a 'text' - breaking down the 4th wall
- Simulacra - representation of a representation 
- Anton Corban - Photographer for U2 than made music videos and became a film director/maker. 
- 'Depeche mode - It's No Good 
- Over the top music video of sleazy people in MV's. 
- Meta-narrative - 
- Post Mod - can't use any grand theory, explains how the world works without any 'isms'. 
- POV shots of the singer looking at bodies - low cut top, clevage, extreme close up - not centrally frames, shallow field of focus 
- Media Language - MV's in general are quite sexist. 

Web 2.0 
- O'Reilly - coined the term for Web 2.0 
- His definition - second stage of development of the Internet, making it more dynamic or user generated content and the growth of social media. 
- For my own music video, i have been able to create a Lyric Video using 'fans' of the artist. Thus creating a UGC and making the audience producers. I have created social media accounts for my artist which gives both the audience and artist a platform in which they can communicate with. 
- David Gauntlett
- Web 1.0 - was for passive audiences downloading information and reading web-sites
- Web 2.0 - is where user generated content is everywhere and can be made by anyone
- 'the text' means nothing as there are several drafts of our Music videos.

- EAA - Explanation, Analysis, Argument 
- EX - Examples from our own and from real 'texts' 
- Semiotics - fixed definition/interpretation - passive
- Passive audience - values for media text 
- Active audience - their impact on the 'text'  
- Key Element - media language and audience overlap 
- A name and a phrase is all we need for web 2.0 but in detail. 
- Look for key phrases - Dan Gillmor 'the former audience' or 'we media'. 
- We are examples of 'we media' as we have created a MV and a website although we are not professionals. 
- Early internet - we produce content and you consume it - web 1.0 
- Web 2.0 is a two way interactive concept - active audience 
- Shifting from a one way top down modal to an interactive and dynamic model.
- 'An architecture of participation'. - O'Reilly 
- Facebook - full of 'we media' content
- tweets, commenting, sharing, liking - UGC - bands/artists getting fans to participate 
- Brigid Cherry - fans are making their own versions of films or music videos. 
- Lady Gaga -Little Monsters - users make fan art, poetry, videos by her audience but distributed by Lady Gaga. 
- Convergence - blurring platforms 
- UGC - simulacra - Baudrillard 
- Ex - audience feedback and how you used their feedback to improve your production. 
- Lyric Video - producers becoming the audience 
- Unboxing video could be useful to make 
- Fans and artists are mkaing unboxing videos - UGC 
- MANGER - media language, audience, narrative, genre, editing, representation. 
- Ideas and how they emerged - CRUD 
- Vernallis theory - narrative, the music comes first and the visuals after. 
- 'The text' what text? 
- 'One' by U2 
- Simulacra - white stripes 
- Has no recognisable elements of the Goodwin theory 
- Pixies - Velouria 

- Goodwin - here are features of Music Videos but doesn't engage with feminism, male gaze, misogyny. 
- Lily Allen - hard out here - representation, fem 
- Engaging with the audience and sexism. 

Friday, 17 March 2017

Final Rough Cut 9

In this cut I changed some of the colours and took several filters off and also added some on. 

Appeals to audience: 

- Colour are brighter 
- Less filters looks more like a real music video 
- Filters that are suitable for this genre 

Monday, 13 March 2017

Social Media - Post Updates - March

Here are all the posts from March, I did not post as much this month but I still tried to get as much posted possible. From this month on wards I post a lot more on my new digipak idea and this is where I start to get a sense of branding throughout the social media accounts. 

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Digipak - Final Rough Draft

Appeals to audience
- bright colours used 
- interesting effect which conveys the EDM genre 
- white background brands the music video which is also quite bright
- conventional digipak - has the appropriate stickers on like the explicit content and company logos

For the front cover of my digipak I was thinking of using this 'glitch' effect as it gives a sense of the EDM genre. 

Here is a short clip of a screen recording I did showing how I did the glitch effect in photoshop.

I really like the look of this because it fits my genre of EDM. I have analysed a few different EDM digipak covers and many of them have a graphic design on them or the colour black with a few brighter colours to show a contrast in colour and to stand out from the other CD's. 
I tried the background with white instead of black as it suits better my music video colour scheme but I still really like the black cover as well. 

Using Andrew Goodwin's theory on conventions, I can apply the genre characteristics on my digipak. Many EDM digipaks have either black background with a graphic design on the front or white backgrounds with a bright graphic design on the front cover merging with the rear cover. As for the inside panels, they have one image or graphical design on the inside or an image flowing from one side to the other side. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Final Rough Cut 2

Appeals to Audience 
- lots of interesting effects 
- phone scene to show the break up between the couple 
- green screen effects look interesting 
- features more of the DJ's

Friday, 3 March 2017

Final Rough Cut

Appeals to audience 
- has a clearer narrative between the girl and singer using technology 
- added ore smoke bombs to create interesting layering over the singer 
- less editing effects from Final Cut 

This is my Final Rough Cut, I have added in recent footage that has been added to my music video, especially the clips of the phones and the smoke bombs and the skateboard clip. I have felt that my music video is ready to become a final cut but I will try and get more audience feedback in case there is still more improvements I can make. 

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

DigiPak Rough 5

Appeals to audience 
- colours are brighter 
- use of the music video screenshot - branding 
- Justin Bieber on the front cover - attracts younger audiences 
- variety of different photos of the singer with similar colour tones - branding 

For my Digipak I have decided to change the whole colour scheme and layout of the cd. From using screenshots of the layered footage of my singer I have taken a few fonts from to experiment with ideas of how the name looks. I have looked at a few EDM type Digipaks and have seen that they all have bright neon type colours and lots of graphics or design effects which with the layering of the DJ inside the body of my singer it gives its own effect already. 
I used the font called 'El Tercer Hombre' which is slightly distorted
I also tried changing the colour and I quite like the brightness of this blue-green neon colour.

 For this font I used one called 'LasEnter' which conveys a neon sign like outside a restaurant or club. I like this one too because it depicts handwriting.