Wednesday, 1 March 2017

DigiPak Rough 5

Appeals to audience 
- colours are brighter 
- use of the music video screenshot - branding 
- Justin Bieber on the front cover - attracts younger audiences 
- variety of different photos of the singer with similar colour tones - branding 

For my Digipak I have decided to change the whole colour scheme and layout of the cd. From using screenshots of the layered footage of my singer I have taken a few fonts from to experiment with ideas of how the name looks. I have looked at a few EDM type Digipaks and have seen that they all have bright neon type colours and lots of graphics or design effects which with the layering of the DJ inside the body of my singer it gives its own effect already. 
I used the font called 'El Tercer Hombre' which is slightly distorted
I also tried changing the colour and I quite like the brightness of this blue-green neon colour.

 For this font I used one called 'LasEnter' which conveys a neon sign like outside a restaurant or club. I like this one too because it depicts handwriting. 

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