Saturday, 11 March 2017

Digipak - Final Rough Draft

Appeals to audience
- bright colours used 
- interesting effect which conveys the EDM genre 
- white background brands the music video which is also quite bright
- conventional digipak - has the appropriate stickers on like the explicit content and company logos

For the front cover of my digipak I was thinking of using this 'glitch' effect as it gives a sense of the EDM genre. 

Here is a short clip of a screen recording I did showing how I did the glitch effect in photoshop.

I really like the look of this because it fits my genre of EDM. I have analysed a few different EDM digipak covers and many of them have a graphic design on them or the colour black with a few brighter colours to show a contrast in colour and to stand out from the other CD's. 
I tried the background with white instead of black as it suits better my music video colour scheme but I still really like the black cover as well. 

Using Andrew Goodwin's theory on conventions, I can apply the genre characteristics on my digipak. Many EDM digipaks have either black background with a graphic design on the front or white backgrounds with a bright graphic design on the front cover merging with the rear cover. As for the inside panels, they have one image or graphical design on the inside or an image flowing from one side to the other side. 

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