Sunday, 16 April 2017

Final Website

For my website, I decided to change a lot of the colour schemes as the yellow and black I thought did not reflect my music video. I changed the backgrounds of each page to a photo of the singer in the layered effect. I also changed the font colour to a lighter blue. 


For the next page I had the background a different photo and I think it works better than the graffiti wall that I had before. 

The black and the blue are much more of a EDM type colour than the yelllow and black which was too 'in your face'. This also gives the website a more modern feel and many EDM digipak's or websites have brighter and more pastel type colours. 

I might change the layout of this page because I want it to stand out. 

For this page I really like the photos being all together but I might also put on a filter over the photos to make them look less dark. 

I also added the Instagram feed to the photo's part so that the audience can follow the singer's Instagram and also to see photos that are behind the scenes only shown on the Instagram. 

For this page I will be changing the font to the blue one that I chose instead of the yellow. 

EDM Websites Examples 

Here's an example of Zedd - DJ's website

Zedd's website is quite plain but the colours are white and a bright green colour. He has not attempted to make his website very appealing to an audience but it has the information needed. 

For Calvin Harris, his website seems to have a theme of black and white but with greens and blues as well. I lie that his background image is slightly grainy which gives it an interesting effect. 

This is also a very plain and minimalist website as the colours are white and red and there isn't anything that pops out to the audience. 

This is a minimalist layout and at the top there are only social media links and no other tabs to click on. 

Whereas this website is much more interactive and has all the top links at the bottom with the social media on the side. As for the colours, they are bright and look like neon lights.

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