Sunday, 16 April 2017

Evaluation Q1a. Conventions

"In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?"

In this VODCAST I have talked about the genre conventions that the EDM genre use in their music videos. I talk about the performance within my music and a dance routine which many fans will be able to copy. I also talk about the DJ's and how they used real instruments to create verisimilitude to my audience. I mention the costumes of my singer and the DJ's who wear quite trendy clothing. Another part of the EDM genre is the editing which I used a lot of for my singer to emphasize certain parts of emotions that the singer is going through. I added a couple for the narrative as that gives the video an interesting story and attracts further young audiences to watch. Lastly I talk about how I added a social media element to attract audiences and to also get people to follow my singer on his social media accounts. 

As for the website and the digipak that I made, they are conventional to the genre of EDM as they colours for the website are similar to those of the music video. The digipak has the an image from the music video which I used for the front panel of my album and than the other panels are from different parts of the music video where I used layering on greenscreen. For further information click on this [Link] to read my post on my digipak. 

I have also made a VODCAST on EDM digipak examples before and also shown how I used photoshop to edit and create my own digipak. Here is my VODCAST that I made on EDM digipak conventions which I changed using different artists and examples. 

In this Prezi I have gone over the intertextuality and inspiration used when creating my music video. On the first slide I have written about my music video idea and how I have used Andrew Goodwin's theory on genre characteristics, and that some EDM videos have a performance and a narrative. On the second slide I have written about my inspiration which I took from many EDM music videos from compilation of artists. In the third slide I have written about how the original music video for the song I chose inspired me for the performance part of my own music video. In the next slide number 4, I have written about music videos that I was inspired by for my performance and certain parts of a Justin Bieber video with interesting camera angles and dancing. In the 5th slide I have written about the choreography which I made up using several dance tutorials on YouTube and one specific dancer on YouTube called Matt Stefanina. The next slide number 6 I have written about Justin Bieber's live performance aiding me in more dance routine ideas for my singer. 

In slide 7, I wrote about the narrative part of my music video and how I had decided to use a couple as the main story. The inspiration was Charlie Puth's music video with singer Selena Gomez. In slide 8 I have written about the DJ's and the Jacku music video which inspired me for a convincing performance. In the 9th slide I wrote about how I have used Todorov's narrative theory in which he believes in a structure of a narrative. Another theorist that relates to my inspiration is Baudrillard who coined the term 'simulacra' believes that within a text is a representation of a representation and that it is harder for any video to become original as everything seems to be taken from a variety of different videos, films and books. This heavily relates to my music video as I have used inspiration from a combination of music videos and dance tutorials.

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