Sunday, 16 April 2017

Evaluation Q3b. DISTRIBUTION

How would they be distributed as real media products?

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In this presentation, I have written about the Big Three in the music industry and which one JackU would be signed to. I also write about how distribution works and how I would distribute the digipak and music video for JackU. I have mentioned digital distribution and how digitalization has disrupted the music industry. I breifly write about the BBFC and how my music video has safe content and nothing that would rate it older then 18. I have mentioned Atlantic records and how they would be the local distributors and then Warner would be the global distributors. 

Another important part of the music industry is the physical sales. Physical media sales dropped to a large extent. CDs and other physical media have dropped due to the quality of sound and the easy to use streaming services2.9 million records sold in the past 6 months in 2012, record stores are doing well, sales have raised to 14% from 2012. Vinyls are more popular with a younger audience especially since they have become a fashionable trend to have one.  


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  1. Can you add some clearer summary on vinyl + the collapse of CD sales (and now digital sales too); the row over streaming payments, especially YouTube's rates?


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