Sunday, 16 April 2017

Evaluation Q4. Technology

Youtuber Video - Haul video

For my music video I used a lot of different technologies and different websites and softwares. For my production I used my canon camera 1300D, and my tripod TnB, lastly I used a GoPro 4 which was a new experience for me. And I also went to a green screen studio to film some scenes there. I also borrowed a green screen for filming the phone scene at the start of my music video. I also used several SD cards and memory sticks for transferring clips onto different computers. 

Websites I used: - blogging on my journey from AS to A2 and uploading my coursework and any notes that I make from class which are always helpful for exam revision. - helped to create my website for my artists - using a template I picked I was able to customize it and making it into my own website with added photos, videos, music and tour dates. I even made merchandise for my artists and added social media links. - very helpful to find inspiration for my Music Video and also to download music. I was also able to make some playlists on EDM music videos and watching other A Level music videos. - downloading music, for my Music video and useful for using in VODCASTs. - Making PODCASTs about my journey and talking about how I updated my music video, website and digipak. - easy to find fonts for my digipak and can be downloaded and used for the merchandise or the branding for my singer. - great way to help revise media terminology and definitions for the exam. - downloading videos from YouTube to a video format MP4 or MP3. - getting the lyrics so that my singer could lip sync and so that I could analyse it. - quiz site I used to help me find an audience for both Justin Bieber and Skrillex and Diplo. - a site that is helpful for making a creative presentation - another site that is great for making presentations. 

Software I used: 

Final Cut Pro X - software I used for my MV very easy to use after AS and I could experiment with more effects . 

iMovie - making simple VODCASTs 

Photoshop - for my digipak, I used this software which was very interesting to use and experiment with. 

 Movie Maker - for quick simple vodcasts 

Microsoft Office PowerPoint - also for vodcast making 

On my BLOG

On my blog you will find some posts on editing and showing how I experimented with different effects and techniques for both my digipak and for my music video. 


Sample scene 3 and experimental editing [LINK]

Experimental editing 2 [LINK]

Editing experiments 3 [LINK]

Digipak Experimenting 1 [LINK]

Digipak Experimenting 2 [LINK]

Digipak Experimenting 3 [LINK]

Digipak Final Rough draft [LINK]

VODCAST on digipaks - has a short time lapse of me creating my final digipak using Photoshop. [LINK

Here is my VODCAST on EDM Digipak covers 2. [LINK]

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  1. ANY vids showing how you used wix, FCPX or Pshop would be helpful
    hyperlinking sites, some icon pics?
    You haven't specifically illustrated many of the points, or detailed how you used sites/software etc


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